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Think Harder... Design Smarter Think Harder... Design Smarter

Since 1996 I have been creating and designing communication solutions for a multitude of different clients, everything from brochures and logos, to banners and signage. Some of the projects showcased were created while working in design studios where other pieces were for more independent clients.

Chesihire Cat Grin

PRINT: Most of my work can be qualified as print design but the pieces selected here are ones that emphasize information organization, creative thinking, strong visual content and powerful messages.

DIMENSIONAL: These 3D pieces are more stylized and fun, they represent more dynamic solutions to more unusual problems.

DIGITAL: These electronic media and website designs were developed in response to a growing need in todays expanding digital environment.

BRANDING: This is more then just logo treatments, branding is about distinguishing a company, product or person from any other. Setting up a look and feel for a project that trickles into every other project and design they create.

"Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” — Alice in Wonderland

Step inside for a glimpse into my portfolio.

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